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$50 / 30min


The Greatest Ramen

30 minutes

Waseda Area, Tokyo

5.0 (Excuisite)

Attractive Point

In this activity, you get to enjoy THE GREATEST RAMEN presented by RAMEN GOSSOU. RAMEN GOSSOU was

founded by Masanori Suga (a.k.a. King MASA). He is only 26 but he started Ramen as apprentice when he was 16 years old. Since then he travel around Japan to reach his ultimate ramen. Starting up RAMEN GOSSOU in 2015, the restaurant has stormed ramen fans across the country and even Ramen fans from Taiwan come to this restaurant to enjoy Masa's dish.

With WappinGuide, you can have a deluxe course prepared and made just for you. Guaranteed to make you smile.


You will be picked up from 3a exit of Waseda Station (Tokyo Metro Tozai line) as restaurant is bit faraway.

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Every Ramen contains pork 

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Takeru Kobayashi

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